Wither KEYBOX lite?

Now that KEYBOX 2 is slated for release later this month, I am announcing that KEYBOX lite, the 30-day free trial edition, will be dropped.

The purpose of the lite edition was to demonstrate the full edition’s power, quality and professionalism to those who were on the fence about buying it.  However looking back at the download-to-purchase ratio, I’m not sure the lite edition was ever really necessary, and if anything, may even be hurting sales.

Although the lite edition can only be used for 30 days, it doesn’t auto-destruct and will remain installed until the user removes it.  I suspect the mere presence of the KEYBOX lite icon on people’s iPhone dashboards endows a false sense of security regardless of whether the app is used or not.  By removing the choice between lite and full editions I’m asking would-be-downloaders to decide upfront how serious about security they want to be.

People who really understand the importance of digital privacy and security tend to already be victims and don’t need a demonstration.  They are glad to pay just about any price if it means avoiding the hassle and stress of remembering and resetting all their site accounts and PIN codes before it’s too late.

People who have yet to personally feel these pains fall into two categories: those who know they never want to, and those who don’t give it much thought.  Chances are that those who don’t give their own security much thought will not have arrived at my website in the first place so I’m not overly concerned about them.  I want to reach those who are looking into being more secure and are now comparison shopping between KEYBOX and the alternatives.


In the end, security is up to each user and even if you purchase KEYBOX, you may leave it on your iPhone without using it but I would urge you to get value out of it on a daily basis.  It’s an investment in your own security.

Removing KEYBOX lite is something I couldn’t foresee myself doing back when I released it but in retrospect makes perfect sense from a security standpoint as well as for sales.  I hope users will understand.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this decision please feel free to let me know at support@jayfuerstenberg.com.

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