My Modest Rig

Inspired by Chris Eidhof’s “I USE THIS” post, I decided to post about where the magic behind my apps happens.

My Environment:

  • Mac Mini (2011 model - 2.5GHz, 4GB of RAM, Radeon HD 6630 video card)
  • White MacBook (2007 model – I forget the specs but they’re not so impressive)
  • Wi-Fi  (AirMac Extreme, not in picture)
  • USB SuperDrive
  • 2 23″ monitors (1 DELL, 1 SAMSUNG)
  • iPhone 3GS 32GB, iPod touch 8GB, iPhone 4S 64GB (taking this photo)

My office My Flow:

Dual monitors is a god send for me.  I spend most of my day in Xcode and its usually on the left monitor and whatever I’m making is on the right. Safari on the right when I’m looking something up.  Also when using inkscape I can edit the XML in one monitor and see the visual changes in the other.

The only downside from having a dual monitor setup is my system’s video performance is a bit slower but I don’t use my Mac for gaming and video playback is sufficiently good.  The productivity gains more than make up for it.

I used to have a Power Mac (Dual G5s) that performed great for 8 years but was a bit noisy in summer when all the fans would turn on (burning G5s!).  This Mac mini is ninja-silent and fits directly under/between my monitors.

My Software:

  • XCode I spend most of my day in it.  Aside from the app distribution song and dance I’m quitecomfortable in it.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been using it since 2007.
  • GitBox * Great Git client by Oleg Andreev.
  • Safari + Chrome My preferred browsers.
  • Coda * I’m hardly an HTML expert but Coda is where I pretend to be one.
  • MarsEdit * Where all my WordPress posts, including this one, are written.
  • Acorn * + Inkscape Where most of my graphics are made.  Acorn is a great raster image editor and Inkscape is forthe vector stuff.  Inkscape is a capable SVG editor but very Linux-y and it shows.
  • TextWrangler My text editor of choice.
  • DropBox For moving files between machines.

* I try to support indie developers as much as possible.  They go above and beyond and I want to reward them for it.  The developers in question here are all stand up guys.

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