KEYBOX In-Depth Feature at AppAdvice!

The fine folks at AppAdvice have an in-depth feature of KEYBOX and have posted lots of screenshots for all to see!

Clinton Ferreira, the reviewer, does a great job describing how to use KEYBOX and how flexible it is.  Although he attests to not knowing just how secure KEYBOX’s algorithms are (a certain level of paranoia is very healthy!), he and all of KEYBOX’s users can rest assured that under the hood the best of the best of encryption algorithms is at work.

I’d like to take this chance to remind everybody that KEYBOX’s greatest strength is its lack of vendor lock-in.  You can put as many secrets in KEYBOX as you’d like and if you decide to move to another security product you can always export your secrets as a text file.  This text file is completely readable to humans like you and me and you don’t even need another application to view it.

THEY’RE YOUR SECRETS and you have every right to manage them any way you decide to.


Thanks again Clinton and the AppAdvice team for spreading the word about KEYBOX!

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