Accent Now on iPad!

A couple of weeks ago I announced the release of Accent, my Mac OS X app for quickly finding and copying accented characters and symbols.  Yesterday/Today sees the release of it’s little brother, Accent for iPad.

Accent for iPad

Accent and Accent for iPad are for professional writers, bloggers and translators who deal with French, Portuguese and Spanish words and even loan words in English like Résumé and Piñata.

No longer do you need to search online for the character by entering terms like “e accent grave”.  With Accent you’re in and out in 5 seconds flat.  Literally!

To copy a character you simply tap it and press one of the copy buttons that appear in the popover.  You can copy the character as is or its URL escape code if you need to guarantee that it’ll be viewable on a web page.

Despite being the easiest and fastest way to find and copy accented characters, Accent and Accent for iPad are a bargain at only 99¢!

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