Hi, I'm Jay Fuerstenberg, a creative developer based in Vancouver Canada.
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About me...

I got lucky.

Some have Jay-oh-bees. Others have careers. I have a life calling.

I'm a creative, right-brained individual and I see things from a different angle.

Sometimes the outcome is a slightly better mousetrap, other times it's a truly revolutionary product!   Either way I NEED an outlet for my creativity, a canvas, and I go crazy if I'm not rolling up my sleeves and making things.

To that end I started my own company and each day caffeine gets magically converted into something new and better for all.

Although I think tech is cool, I care less about tech in and of itself and more about people, and how tech can make their lives better. My work is most definitely not business as usual, but whatever it is this site is where it all happens.

I hope you enjoy your visit!